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Model 9265 Automatic Pressure Conveyor (APC) provides air operated roller accumulation. Interroll 24V product lineup OUR PRODUCT OFFERING: Interroll controls Drive-, Zone-, Conveyor- and MultiControl • Simple cabling and configuration. 5 seconds with stable speed operation and manual or automatic recovery of the thermal overload device.

Each zone is powered by a RollerDrive that is connected to a. Keep the manual near to the DriveControl 20/54. Examples of applications 7. A Digital AC Drive with Analog Interface. The new, dual-voltage DriveControl is a proven, reliable, and successful IP20 control that provides basic functionalities to your conveyor system. automatically sets the zone length). 5” roller sizes capable of moving a wide range of product sizes and weights. IntroductionHandling of the user manual In this manual the 9006 Hybrid Control for RollerDrive for the EC100, EC110, EC120 is referred to as 9006.

Free shipping for many products! Office Interroll (Asia) Pte. Updated EasyRoll screen shots, enhanced EasyRoll section, and added items to Appendices CONTACT INFORMATION. Interroll MultiControl Card | S| Analog Version quantity. Ambient temperature : +5 to +40 °C Standard temperature range Roller type : Interroll Series 1700, Universal Conveyor Roller Interroll Series 3500 (zone conveyor). Therefore loads continue moving along the MDR conveyor until they get close to (but do not touch) the product unit in front. Chill area -30 to -5 °C Deep Freeze area Roller type : Interroll.

Validity of the manual The manual describes the ZoneControl as it is delivered by Interroll. With its three product brands, Rulmeca, Precismeca and Melco, Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers, pulleys and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications and of rollers, drum motors, Drive Rollers 24V for the Intralogistics. In other words, ZPA basically means that the parts don’t crash into each other on the conveyor.

*Lower horsepower models available (KBWA-21D, 2P3D, 2P6D). of America (Indianapolis) provides a coefficient of volume flow (Cv) of 0. Designed to be functional with the EC310 series Interroll RollerDrive 24V MDRs, and is a 4 zone control.

Placa de Controle Zone Control (EC310 RollerDrive) - Manual. Interroll driver cards are an economical solution for your conveying application. Page 51 Interroll 24 V belt conveyor straight / curve BM 8350 / BM 8360 Maintenance and repair 4 Unscrew the nuts at all three tensioning devices (6) of the respective zones and laterally pull out the tensioning screws (2). Up to twenty different fixed speeds can be selected and features a pulse signal output that indicates motor revolution. Online Chat 9006 Hybrid Control For Interroll. 4 For the drive roller (5), loosen the ribbed nut in the respective zone on the cable side (outside) (do not remove) and. The invention relates to a drive roller (1) for a pallet conveyor for transporting goods such as containers or pallets, the drive roller (1) being drivable by means of a chain drive system, comprising a roller body (3), which has at one end at least one cut-out (5) having an extension (7) in an axial direction (Ax) and an extension (9) in a. Accuglide™ Powered Roller Accumulation Conveyor Installation and Maintenance Manual Aug.

to evaluate the existing handling methods. This control system guarantees a constant speed over the whole load range and a constant torque over all selectable speed settings. The manual is part of the product For trouble-free, safe operation and warranty claims, read the manual and. 10 with an operating pressure range of 0 to 72 psi to handle large pressure drops.

Interroll introduces EC200 brushless rollerdrive with integrated control. The Series VFD poppet valve for zero pressure accumulation conveyor systems from SMC Corp. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Interroll 8956 Powered Conveyor Roller Drive Board 24vdc at the best online prices at eBay! The gearless motorised roller, an intelligent system for energy recovery and "Drive-on-Demand" make it possible HIGH LEVEL OF ERGONOMICS due to low noise emission. The technicians&39; modernization offer was a tailor-made SmartLine zone roller conveyor for transporting cartons of different sizes directly to the shipping trailer. in roller conveyor curves or mechanical engineering applications at normal ambient temperatures.

If you have any questions after reading the operation manual, feel free to. Zero pressure air-operated accumulation is achieved with the use of a mechanical sensor roller (SA) or a photo eye sensor (PE) Pressure roller drive (AP) and air-activated lifter roller drive (TA) provide a transportation only option. a conveyor system’s control logic and sensors, controlling the air pressure used for roller. (Ma) — Assuring added control for consecutive single-zone accumulation applications, Interroll’s new HTBL (High Torque Brushless) ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) DriveControl module provides self contained zero pressure accumulation control in a plug-and play configuration for ease in installation and operation. These units feature adjustable acceleration and deceleration time of 0 to 2.

Interroll 9006 DriveControl Card | S-1004493. ” Customization includes: Pre-calibrating or programming of a stock control, adding a custom label or branding, custom software, PLC functions or designing a new control. The RollerDrive EC200 is powered by a brushless electronically commutated 24 VDC motor with an integrated 4 quadrant motor control.

With at least one motorized roller per zone, MDR conveyor uses “zero pressure accumulation” (ZPA). In addition to this manual interroll zone control for roller drive manual, special contractual agreements and technical documents apply to special versions. This zone is usually not much longer than the item to be conveyed. It is designed to be the lowest cost solution to conveying and accumulating packages of widely varying weight and size. 1,200 employees in 17 production and sales. 4 Example 4: Stop of Zone 3 I/O 2 Function = Control Input 3 The third zone is stopped with a signal at I/O 2.

Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. Page 81: Process Data. favor acessar www.

• Flexible Zone Recognition (patented) to handle long articles which simultaneously block multiple sensors o Only available in slug release mode • Synchronized speed variation to simultaneously adjust the speed of the rollers with a single external speed control signal. It is the perfect single-zone drive solution for efficient space utilization. Content of the manual This manual contains important advice, notes, and information about the 9006 in all phases of its lifecycle: • Transport, assembly, and commissioning. This new state of the art technology allows for zone-to-zone control through Ethernet/IP communication.

Placa de Controle Drive Control (EC310 RollerDrive) - Manual. The Interroll DriveControl also has the ability to communicate with other 9006 drive cards when connected through zone-to-zone communication. Check our product specifications on www. See more manual interroll zone control for roller drive videos for Manual Interroll Zone Control For Roller Drive. 7 April Updated Flex Zone description 4.

The 9006 is a “smart” card that has the ability to learn from the point of startup about the conveyor application (I. Model 9265 is a system of photoeyes, reflectors, power supplies and interconnections on a conveyor assembly. Transport by roller conveyor to the shipping trailer As a first step, ZyroFisher Advance commissioned Automated Systems Ltd. Validity of the manual The manual describes the ZoneControl as it is delivered by Interroll.

com Compared with 400V drive systems, a conveyor system powered with RollerDrive allows for energy savings of up to 50% on average. This means that up to four RollerDrive EC310 motors and four zone sensors can be connected. They&39;re Modular and Simple to Install: A conveyor section powered by a single PULSEROLLER Senergy motor drive roller (MDR) is mechanically linked with just enough free-turning (gravity type) rollers to constitute a controllable zone.

SHORTEST INSTALLATION TIMES ensured by fully integrated architecture and 100% pretested and prewired modules. 1Motor plug with cable 2Motor cartridge shaft. 6 August Updated fuse size to 100 mA for Sensor/Control port power 4. for drive systems (1. Interroll Pallet Drive User Manual. 100 lb/ft live load capacity, 8" wide flat belt drive.

Importantly, size each zone according to the largest product you are moving. Interroll pallet drive dp 0080dp 0089 versionen translation of original operating instructions 7 safety state of the art the pallet drive is designed according to the state of the art and is reliable in operation once. As one of the world’s largest material handling companies, we support a network of authorized System Integrators, by providing equipment and engineering support, along with the industry’s best warranty. TGW Systems (formerly ERMANCO) manufactures high quality conveyor, sortation and automated material handling technologies. Operating and Programming. Interroll does not accept any liability for malfunctions or defects due to non-observance of this manual.

I/O 4 Function = Control Output 3 The state interroll “Zone sensor blocked” of the third zone is output to I/O 4. Pass the manual on to any subsequent operator manual interroll zone control for roller drive or occupant of the DriveControl 20/54. Interroll Rollers RollerDrive. The high-performance asynchronous drum motor with robust multi-stage planetary gear is integrated into the Interroll Roller based on Series 3950 and is applicable for loads of up to 1,250 kg per zone. These conveyors include 1.

Basic control system for the RollerDrive EC5000 in applications without start/stop operation, e. Zone and product control is now easy to monitor and control with the manual interroll zone control for roller drive Smart MDR Conveyor. to provide a custom drive solution, Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box. Tel:Fax:.

Add about 3 – 18″ per zone for extra space. Available in 2", 3", and 4" roller centers. The DriveControl 20 does not contain any logic and requires external signals.

Manual interroll zone control for roller drive

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